Blackberry Priv up for pre-orders in Hong Kong


With the Blackberry Priv highly anticipated as its November launch date draws nearer with every breath taken, the Canada based smartphone giant have opened up shop in Hong Kong to take pre-orders from interested buyers from that end of the world likewise.

Having already opened up to offers from citizens and residents of the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada and Germany through some mobile carriers and phonesale partners, Hong Kong becomes the latest market to join the ever-growing list of markets where the Priv would enjoy a launch.

Partners of Blackberry and other retailers would now have the chance to open pre-order sales for the citizens of China’s administrative seat of power and the device would go for a total of HK$6488 .

With a 5.4 inch display as well as a tactical keyboard that can be accessed by sliding the device up, the Blackberry Priv also runs on 3410mAh of battery and an 18MP camera.
Blackberry has also promised to crank up the security on this device even much more than its other device. This is in a bid to fulfill the Blackberry CEO’s promise that they would only consider making an Android smartphone if they could make it as secure as they have made the Z10.

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