BlackBerry PRIV’s Virtual Expert App Now in Google Play Store


Good news for BlackBerry phone lovers, the BlackBerry PRIV’s Virtual Expert app already available in Google Play Store. The said app will run a diagnostic test on some parts of BlackBerry PRIV.


Normally, there 18 separate parts of the BlackBerry device are tested with the Virtual Expert app including Display, Cameras Flash, Camera, Main Keyboard, Keypad, Slider, Side keys, Receiver, Touch Screen, Speaker, Loudspeaker, Microphones Stereo Headset, , Vibrator, USB Connector, Status LED, , USB port, Light Sensor and Proximity Sensor.

One Virtual Expert App test is completed you will then see the overall device scores. And if any of the app tests fail, it will suggest contacting the carrier for you to show them the log result of the diagnostic test you have made.

The reason why you should download this app is the unbiased result of its diagnosis in which it will help you identify the problem with your BlackBerry PRIV. Once BlackBerry starts rolling on Android powered phone models, this app is expected to work with those phones as well.

For those who want to download the said BlackBerry Virtual Expert App, it is now available on Google Play Store, you can download and install it with your Blackberry PRIV and its totally free.

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