Blackberry promises monthly updates on the Priv


If there’s one thing that Blackberry holds in very high esteem asides from their love for physical keyboards, it would be undoubtedly the amount of security that they put into their devices.


With the Stagefright vulnerability of Android smartphones discovered over a little while ago, many manufacturers have dedicated some of their team’s time to the rolling out of updates every month to fix security breaches and part of the club members to this are Samsung, LG and . Blackberry has now also secured an invite to the party as the Canadian OEM announced that to the users who have bought the smartphone over the official Blackberry Store, security updates would reach them monthly while those that have purchased their own BB Priv devices over various carriers would have to wait a tad bit longer.

Blackberry also promised a new plan called the “hotfix”. Apparently, this would come into play if something needed to be fixed on your device fast and a month isn’t up yet.

These measure put in place further shows the amount of importance that Blackberry places on its devices, and they are not about to stop with the Android.

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