BlackBerry Reportedly Failed On Its Android Gamble

On its fourth quarter, BlackBerry’s quarterly results have shown its growth in software and its services and point the future of the company, but during the last quarter the data shows that there was a huge drop of 600,000 units during its last quarter.

BlackBerry Reportedly Failed On Its Android Gamble

The data points out that the sun is about to set on BlackBerry handsets. While chances for its sales to pick up on the rest of this year, missing Wall Street’s target 850,000 units target and the drop of almost 14.3 percent on sales in previous quarter is a worrying sign for the company.

John Chen the CEO previously said that they need to sell around three million units in order to reach break-even. To think the target seems impossible to achieve. The initial sales of its Android Priv did not deliver its expected sales. BlackBerry should line up for the market to purchase their device quickly, so chances of increasing sales will become minimal.

This will be a rocky road for the company to overcome the obstacle in the battle of mid range mobile market. And the company should device a sound plan in order for them to cope up with the loss that they are now experiencing.

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