BlackBerry To Reveal Its New Android Phone This year


It seems that the end of Blackberry 10 is not yet coming as the company might reveal its new android phone this 2016.


BlackBerry has become busy discussing things like Cars with self-driving features, global support for PRIVE and some healthcare applications, Thinking how we shift energy with these exhilarating opportunities, this does not conclude that BlackBerry 10 OS is dead.

We know the fact that customers demand for gold security and the productivity benefits of BB10, in which it shares rock solid code on the market leading QNX platform. Let us take note how medical doctor credited the reliability and capabilities of BlackBerry 10 it was being used personally, the passport device helping save patient’s life.

BlackBerry 10 enterprise fans look forward to the improvements on security and privacy enhancements this 2016. Yet, the upcoming version 10.3.3 believed to be NIAP compliance, meaning it passed the governments’ strictest grade on security test, thus this enable us support from government and customers who make use of BlackBerry 10 and can demand highest levels of digital security.

The company is indeed planning for another version 10.3.4, but this will be on the later year and expected to be more advance in terms of security improvements.
While the company continues to invest in BlackBerry 10 this 2016, they will also develop another Android-based phone. Information will be shared with everything is ready.

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