BlackBerry Strengthen its Security

During the Mobile World Congress, huge announcement was made and BlackBerry fans were not disappointed.

BlackBerry Strengthen its Security

In shadow with Apple’s fight with FBI, BlackBerry is not just doubling its security features but instead tripling it down. BlackBerry recently announced three of its major events; they launched its new cyber security service.

This feature increase the its online security alliance in order to create super secure help to users regarding security, and not just that it also increase the company’s relationship with other tech giants like Microsoft with their hosted solution.

So the key factor in the market deals about security and this is a huge concern for everybody, so why not increase security footprint to strengthen online safety? So this is what BlackBerry now is doing.

So strategic security this has been a long term protection, collecting best practices for IT related operations across management and even services in the cloud for mobility.

Its technical security offers more tactical service, focuses on product development on every client. It offers early detection and testing those data and analyses the log report and create a data that could get hold of those possible threat. This security service not just performs tests and assumptions but it identify the breach and explains why it had occurred and find the person that created the breach.

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