BlackBerry to return to it’s roots, QWERTY keypad phones in stock

BlackBerry to return to it's roots, physical QWERTY keypad phones in stockBlackberry’s new CEO John Chen is all about change. He first gave the hint about BlackBerry making Android phones, though he said it should not to be expected real soon.

Yesterday, Chen announced that the next generation of BlackBerry phones will feature physical full QWERTY keypads and nothing can stop that. Not that production of iPhone-like full touchscreen phones like the BB Z10 and BB Z30 will be scraped entirely but most Blackberry will be making in the feature will “predominantly” be having a physical QWERTY.

Chen is has made a lot of changes inside BlackBerry, with the recent sack of four top officials including Global creative director, Alicia Keys. If things work out as the new CEO is planning, BlackBerry might be on it’s way to turn around the near $1 billion loss they incurred in the last year’s second quarter.

BlackBerry has filed a lawsuit against Ryan Seacrest’s Typo keyboard hardware on grounds of copyright infringement, with the later saying that BlackBerry’s move “lacks merit”

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