BlackBerry and Windows Phone Operating System Now Fading

Recent data shows that BlackBerry and Windows phone operating system are now fading into dark.

Windows 10 Fading

A recent figure released by Gartner about mobile OS share for the last quarter of2015. And the data clearly shows that both Android and iOS now killing other operating system as usual, with combined percentage up to 98.4 on device market.

So with the date point to BlackBerry and Windows Phone operating system now fading into darkness. Gartner found out based from his data that Android has a big share in mobile market at 80.7 percent, 76 percent during the last quarter of2014.

Apple’s share somewhat fell as Android grew, Apple has 20.4 down to 17.7 percent the same period. But BlackBerry operating system has drastically dropped from 0.5 to 0.2 percent share and Windows operating system from 2.8 to 1.1 percent data, despite of its recent Windows 10 handsets.

It seems that most people are moving on and BlackBerry knows this result as they just launch their Android powered BlackBerry Priv.

Gartner’s data shows smartphone sales by vendor during its last quarter. Samsung still on the top with 20.7 shares from 19.9 percent 2014, second in line was Apple at 17.7 from 20.4 percent in Q4 2014.

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