BlackBerry’s Decryption Tactic on Messenger Could Be Revealed

BBM security

A police intercepting and then decrypting million encrypted BBM messages technique could now be reveal if law enforcement used to acquire those encrypted messages.

BBM security

The said case centers on murder happened in Montreal that was several years ago of alleged Mafia member. During the said investigation, Royal Canadian Police able to intercept and even read all the BBM messages that was exchanged by the suspects in the said murder. BBM messages were encrypted from end to end and should not be readable to any other than the sender and the recipient.

However, RCMP developed their technique that enables them to decrypt messages exchanged by target individual for their investigation. They eventually arrested then convicted seven people in connection with the murder incident, partially based on the evidence collected in BBM messages.

“Over one million private messages were intercepted and analyzed as evidence using the PIN to PIN interception technique. This was the first time that this technique was used on such a large scale in a major investigation in North America,” RCMP officer said in statement at time of arrests way back 2014.

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