Blackview BV4000 launches with rugged design

Blackview BV4000 launches with rugged design

Blackview BV series are known for one thing and it is for their rugged nature yet packing decent mid-range specs to go along.

With the signature in mind, the tech company released the Blackview BV4000 into the market looking beastly and rugged yet packing some entry-level specs which puts it in adequate light.

The Blackcview BV4000 comes into the market at a pocket friendly price of just $79.99 for affordability and is designed for heavy lifting.

Blackview BV4000 launches with rugged design

The BV4000 which comes with a military build boasts of a 4.7-inch HD display with a design which makes it extremely easy to use with one hand.

The refined and delicate design is made available in three color variants to include Sunshine Orange, Flora Green, and Rock Black.

The phone boasts of a 2MP front camera and a dual camera on the rear panel. Under the hood, the device runs on a MediaTek 6580A processor paired with 1GB of RAM and 8GB ROM all powered by a 3,680mAh battery.

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