BLU launches the Pure XR with near high end specs and low pricing

We announced to you sometimes not too long ago that BLU were happy with the kind of success that they recorded in the launch of the Pure XL and in a bid to relive the moment and keep their newest trend going, they went all out with the launch of another device which is similar in nearly everything and different in a lot of ways too.

The US based company is very known for their low priced offerings but they decided to experiment with the lunch of the aforementioned device and when that yielded fruits, they went on to introduce the new Pure XR

Why we are here today is for no other reason than for us to inform you that you could now get yourself a unit of the mid ranger in the United States now, offered through either of Amazon or Best Buy and to own one, you would need to part with about $300.

As you would have expected, the BLU XR work very fine on the T-Mobile and AT&T networks, even up to their LTE connections. You should also know that if you want one, you could get it in either colours of Gold or Grey.

According to BLU themselves, this new smartphone would be using an ultra-fast fingerprint scanner that is embedded under the home button and lastly, be built with high end solid metal.

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