The Bluboo Xtouch goes under the hammer test and comes out alive, twice


The guys over at Bluboo have shown us that they are not flukes and really know what business it is they are getting into when making a smartphone with cutting edge technology. The only cutting edge thing about this Bluboo Xtouch smartphone is not the technology it employs (which we would be talking about in a while) but rather, the price also. Coming at an amazing $99 on pre-order from the manufacturer and a regular price of $149, the specs would make you nearly want to scream “Unbelievable!”

Coming with a Gorilla Glass 3 technology, the manufacturers of Bluboo added some extra protection for the screen which would make it hard to break. This extra protection came in the form of an additional .55mm of the Gorilla Glass. To demonstrate the hardness, a concrete slab was gotten and placed over the device, face up. The slab was then struck with enough force to break the slab into two and impact the screen below but your guess is as good as theirs when the put up this demonstration – the glass failed to break.

To show you that this is not a one-time thing, the break test was repeated and the device still came out alive. I would say this is a bargain for that price.

The device has other impressive things that it checks off on its spec list. Coming with a 5 inch screen display, this device is powered by a MediaTek processor and 3GB of RAM. The 32GB of memory space on board should do well to keep your files and should you need more, there’s the option to expand. There’s a fingerprint sensor, 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front snapper which are all powered by 3050mAh of battery.

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