Bluboo XTouch’s fingerprint scanner beats that of iPhone 6s, OnePlus 2


The guys over at Bluboo are bent on giving you so much more for so much less, and this comes in form of a Bluboo XTouch device. The Bluboo XTouch was teased in a video sometimes last week where the strength of the screen was tested and it was surprisingly very strong as it survived an hammer and concrete slab test, twice, the concrete slab breaking on contact with the hammer and the screen staying prime. This test was also repeated that we might know it is not a fluke. This strength can be attributed to the extra .5mm of Corning Gorilla Glass that was added to the screen.

That asides, Bluboo has released a new video to show us that not only the screen is impressive, but their fingerprint scanner technology (which takes a stunning 0.3 seconds to unlock your phone by the way) beats that on the Apple iPhone. The video was even played back in slow motion that we might see the fraction that the XTouch has over the iPhone 6s, and even the one on the OnePlus 2 device.

Now, the kicker here is the $150 price tag that Bluboo has on this device despite all these features. Bluboo is even offering to give you $50 as a take home if you buy and review this device before the 10th of November.

See? So much more for so much less.


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