Brave Browser A Bitcoin Enabled Browser

Recently, all online advertising as long as it not my signature verified, he Adblock and could become a  struggle to all digital publisher out there (I have to leave the work for few days ).

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With growing 40 million users and most of it are those who user internet users are to use the application in order to eliminate advertisements that was shown in news outlets. As response, media outlets like Forbes decided to ban adblock users by requiring visitors to disable application before accessing their content.

However, team behind Brave, Bitcoin mobile browser that empathize with frustration to some internet users with regard advertisement online. According to the developer that According to the Brave team advertisements can last up to 40 seconds to load.

So to provide better experience from every user and eliminate advertisements that distract users from accessing on its web content, Brave team led by JavaScript programming language is a former partner in the past, since Mozilla CEO launched iOS version of its browser that target mobile and Apple users.

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