Breaking: Apple ordered to pay $500 million to company with “no products, no employees”

Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was fundamental to the growth of Apple today.
Late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was fundamental to the Apple’s growth and status as world’s richest company today.

In what appears like a game where the bush meat has caught the hunter, Apple has been gamed in the game it knows how to play very well. You can recall in 2013 when the iPhone maker won a court injunction against rivals Samsung where the latter were asked to pay over a billion dollars for infringing on Apple’s patents. Right now as we speak, Apple has gotten a dosage of it’s own medicine and to make it more painful, this came from a company who’s job is to troll with patents aka patent trolls.

The company in question is Smartflash and was founded a decade ago by one Partick Racz. Now, what Mr. Racz’s company do is to register and buy patents while seeking for companies who will infringe on these. Smartflash accused Apple of doing such and asked to be paid the total sum of $852 million for damages and royalty for each iPod, iPad and iPhone that has accessed iTunes. Guess what? A US court sitting next to the neighborhood where Smartflash has their “head officie” ordered Apple to pay the sum of $532.9 million to the paten troll.

While Apple lawyers were trying to say “patent troll!” without using the actual words during the hearing, the defendant argued that “Smartflash makes no products, has no employees, creates no jobs, has no U.S. presence, and is exploiting our patent system to seek royalties for technology Apple invented.” However, the judge didn’t want to hear any of that as the court awarded the case in favor of Mr. Racz and company.

Apple is likely headed to the appeal court but we also heard that Smartflash has already sued Amazon and is looking forward to doing the same to Google and Samsung. With that being said, looks like we’ll register a couple of patents ourselves or what do you think?

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