Breaking: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 hit by build malfunction

At least Apple can take a break from the trolls now, as it’s now time for Samsung to be put at the edge of the sword.

The Korean phone maker who had enjoyed the whole of last week enjoying poking fun at Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus after some users complained the phone was deforming under normal usage and a YouTube video to confirm that went viral, is now witnessing karma as it’s Galaxy Note 4 is said to have come with a factory error.

Note 4 build problem
According to some purported users in Korea — where the Galaxy Note 4 was released days ago — a thin, unsteady line appears between the phone’s frame and the metal chassis that adorns the side, causing major concern for the users.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 side lines
The lines are so noticeable and big that two sheets of A4 paper can be fitted in them. While Samsung is yet to respond to the allegations, we ask our readers to take this report with a pint of salt till we are able to confirm if there are actual reports of these.

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