Breaking: Samsung’s Tizen usurps BB OS as 4th largest operating system



Operating systems are those lines of codes fused together to give each different type of device a specific feel, touch and interface. This is why a device running iOS (the Apple builds) would be so much different from one running on Android OS, which would also bear no semblance to a device running the BB OS. This set aside, before the third quarter reports came in, BB OS used to be the fourth ranked Operating System globally but after the third quarter reports have been evaluated, the space has been lost.

With the third quarter starting in July and closing on the 30th of September, BB OS saw a drop which allowed Tizen OS claim its space as the fourth most used OS in the world. For those who are unaware, Tizen OS is a specially built operating system whose manufacturing and use rights all belong to Samsung.

The decision that birthed Tizen OS came at a time when Samsung was at loggerheads with Google over the Android platform, even going as far as making claims that they were responsible for the success of the Android platforms. Although there were threats that Samsung would discontinue the use of the Android OS, such thoughts were later dropped.

Tizen OS is the second largest operating system in India right now and it is the one responsible for running all of Samsung Gear S2 watches.

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