Breaking: Xiaomi to build manufacturing plant in India

Overwhelmed by the stream of demand and raging followership from the Indian smartphone market, China’s Xiaomi has declared interest to bring some of it’s mobile phone production business on Indian soil.

India manufacturer
CEO Manu Jain, who was speaking to Wall Street Journal, described what he called importance as why his company might start manufacturing devices inside India and has asked people with knowledge of the matter to “investigate the regulatory aspects of manufacturing in India.”

“We always thought that our manufacturing would be based out of China.”  Jain said. “But India is beginning to become so important for us that we started to think whether we should set up our own manufacturing,” he added.

During the course of this month, Xiaomi had been selling at least 100,000 smartphones in India, a dream their Indian General Manager, Manu Jain, said the company never dreamed at first.

CEO Jain said his company’s latest flagship, the Xiaomi Mi 4 is not yet available for India. “We don’t have a date for Mi 4 yet. I am going to stick with what I said earlier which is still the plan -launch it late December 2014 or early January 2015. I don’t think the Redmi Note would conflict with Mi 4 even if we launch them together.”

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