BuzzFeed poised to spend big on Apple Watch

Apple Watch Buzzfeed is an entertainment news website that has racked up $100 million in revenue this year alone and to celebrate that, CEO Jonah Peretti says he’s ordering Apple Watches for the company’s 700+ employees if two more goals are reached.

Hear the CEO:

Earlier this year we passed $100 million in revenue for the year. This is a huge milestone and amazing accomplishment!

Now we are in striking distance of two other huge metrics: 1) The BuzzFeed site is poised to pass 200 million monthly unique visitors for a calendar month 2) BuzzFeed Motion Pictures is close to 750 million views in a calendar month

If we hit 200 million UVs and 750 million video views, on the *same* month, we will celebrate by buying all BuzzFeed employees worldwide an Apple Watch.

Business Insider calculates the cost of buying 700 of the cheapest category of Apple Watches as $350 x 700 which equals to a whooping $245,000.

According to research by Stifel analyst Aaron Rakers, Apple will sell at least 19 million Watches in 2015 when the smartwatch finally hits the shelves. Corporate bodies like Peretti’s will make sure the Cupertino tech giant comfortably reaches this goal.

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