Candy Crush Saga made $1 billion for developer last year

Candy Crush saga

Mind boggling, isn’t it? The developer of popular iOS and Android game, Candy Crush Saga, is smiling to the bank after their app created a revenue of $1.33 in 2014.

Candy Crush saga
In terms of making money, last year was not exactly the best year for the app — having made $1.04 billion in the last 6 months of 2013 — it was expected of the revenue to decrease following the dwindling popularity of the mobile game. To be more specific, Candy Crush made $429.5 million, $360.5 million, $277.4 million and $263.8 respectively during the four quarters of 2014.

Though the app itself is a free download/free-to-install, these monies were made from in-app purchases made by a tiny 2.3%  users of the game. Now imagine where the remaining 97.7% contribute a few cents for the app.

There’s a slim chance the game will reach the $1 billion milestone again this year if the only revenue option available will remain in-app payments, but King, the developer of the game, will be hoping for the best to come.

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