The Cheapest BlackBerry Priv In the Market at $450

BlackBerry’s Priv has been on the headlines lately in the mobile market. There are people who say that the life of the device lies on the hardware features attached within the specific device model in the market in order for it to achieve success.

The Cheapest BlackBerry Priv In the Market

Nevertheless, if you want to set aside the drama that surrounds on every handset, BBM Priv will be something that what people tagged as premium experience Smartphone.

The device keyboard was someone unique among other line series in the market, in which it makes it become more attractive, this kind of feature was somewhat we can call rare in the battle of mobile sales in the Smartphone market.

Looking at the front speakers seems good, and its 5.4 inches device display even more gorgeous with its QuadHD resolution features. The processor was hexacore Snapdragon 808, and a 3 gigabytes RAM that keeps the device run smooth.  And it has 32 gigabytes internal storage that can be expandable up to 200 gigabytes as what other can thru microSD slot.  The rear camera is 18 Megapixels and front is 2 Megapixel.

So if you are one of those few who owns a Priv, we will be happy to listen with your personal experience with the device.

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