China brands Apple a security threat, iPhone maker fires back

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China has become Apple’s latest foe citing the events that unfolded last week.

The Asian power house said that a feature in Apple iPhones tracks, stores and feeds Apple with user-location of iPhones and this is a major “national security concern”.
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In an afternoon broadcast on state-run China Central Television, Bejing lashed out at the “frequent locations” feature on iOS 7 which takes records of the iPhone owner’s location along with a time stamp.

Apple has since issued a security report on the development to try to get it’s name out of the mud.

“Frequent Locations are only stored on a customer’s iOS device, they are not backed up on iTunes or iCloud, and are encrypted. Apple does not obtain or know a user’s Frequent Locations and this feature can always be turned “Off” via our privacy settings.

Apple does not have access to Frequent Locations or the location cache on any user’s iPhone at any time. We encrypt the cache by the user’s passcode and it is protected from access by any app.”

The US company warned that it has “never worked with any government agency from any country” to provide user-information via their products, clearing China’s doubt of the US spying on it’s citizens via iPhones.

Meanwhile, Apple is the fifth largest smartphone vendor in China. Samsung, Lenovo, CoolPad and Xiaomi stand above Apple despite iPhones being produced in the country.

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