China is working round the clock to disband Android and iOS, and even Windows

China OS

China OS
After allegations of iOS allowing Apple to penetrate into users’ data and reports of Apple products getting banned from China’s government and stuff, the People’s Republic is said to be working on a new OS which is aimed at ousting the very top operators in the game.

According to Reuters, who quoted Chinese Xinhua news agency, the alliance began earlier this year and the plan is get the OS running on computers by October which is just over a month away.

“Creating an environment that allows us to contend with Google, Apple and Microsoft – that is the key to success.” said Ni Guangnan, head of the OS development team.

He further cited that mobile is the next target, with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android who are the biggest players in the industry getting ready to feel the heat.

Guangnan promised that the mobile version of the Chinese OS should be available to consumers by 2015 or the following year.

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