China’s Giant Mobile Electronic Targets Indian Market

India is now placed as the second largest mobile market worldwide, but its penetration rate is low. So as of 1.2 billion populations in India, there are around 200 million who owns a smartphone.

China’s Giant Mobile Electronic Targets China Market

This data was what most company was attracted with not just Xiaomi itself and led to the creation of several local created companies.

Xiaomi India last 2014 in the month of July and ended with 1.5% market shares in the period of one year, this was according to a popular market research firm the Counterpoint Research. Last year, the record just doubled at 3 percent but still the record was small as Indian mobile market was dominated by foreign brands like Lenovo and Samsung and its homegrown brands Lava and Micromax.

In 2015, the company Xiaomi starts producing Smartphone’s  locally, the record shows that it was a around 75% of it was solely sold in the country alone in which this helps the company cover its operation cost of production.

The company’s Mi5 could help Xiaomi capture additional more market share this 2016, but besides from that there are still room for upgrades based from company’s portfolio in India. The company should release device that are place in entry level and middle level series this year.

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