CM13 Release Moto’s E First Generation HTC One A9


While its manufacturers work meticulously in order to get Android 6.0 Marshmallow into their users, one way for them to hold the latest Android software version from Google Android Mobile. It is also the best method for them to stay on the market radar.

Screenshot_158But wait, there are still speedy routes before the final 6.9 Android update, through unofficial updates or such custom ROMs. CyanogenMod, worlds most popular for custom ROM for all Android devices has just released its new batch of nightlies this is for CyanogenMod 13 based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Devices which nightlies were released are for Motorola’s Moto E 1st Generation from Motorola, and GSM model of its recently released HTC One A9.

Though HTC One A9 had already its Onboard Marshmallow at the time it was launched, not all users care about stock software and would like to experience the same software that will be provided to them by HTC.

On the other hand, other phone actually quite like Sense UI shipped with HTC One A9, but still have a rooted devices with custom ROM on its board. For all those users regardless of reason, the CM13 nightlies arrival means they can still keep with the capabilities and features Android 6.0 can offer but more customizable firmware. This is worth mentioning that CM13 is only available for all GSM models of HTC One A9.

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