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BestMobs was founded in November 2012 with the aim of providing quality news, specifications and reviews of mobile phones from all mobile phone brands possible, to the surging population of mobile phone users across the globe. BestMobs is absolutely free to use. Visitors are not required to pay subscription fees in order to access our content.

BestMobs News is the section of the website where you find all the latest news, gossip and rumors regarding mobile gadgets.

BestMobs Reviews is where you get to read unbiased reviews of popular mobile devices.

BestMobs Specifications is where you’ll find specifications, features and user-reviews of old, new and upcoming mobile phones, wearables, and tablets. is a registered property of BestMobs International, CRBN 443747.

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1) Can tecno n7 be used as a modem to connect with computer for convenient browsing?

2) On all specifications I have seen on various sites, there is a recuring confusion or mistake about the display size. I see 4-inches and 5-inches; what is the exact and definite disp;ay size?

Thank you.


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pls could you send me the prices of these phones and location of shops i can buy them?
the phones are:

1)SPICE MI 535 Stellar Pinnacle
2)Lenovo S920 AND
3) Huawei Ascend G510 U8951

Thank you

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