Controversial iOS App Banned From Apple Store

Week after its official re-launch, the controversial iOS mobile app identified as Famous was pulled up from App Store, the game in which lets users become other biggest fans by just sending hearts.

Controversial iOS App Banned From Apple Store

According to report the iOS app violated the developer guideline as the app was offensive, mean-spirited and defamatory in which this will be used to target group or individual in harm[‘s way.

The creator Siqi said that Apple took the app issue regarding the app in the numerical assigning of values. Hey Incorporated recently released the Android version of the software from Google’s Play store and it was not removed and it will stay there and for now it will be the only platform that the app can be used and the issue on Apple guideline will be resolve.

The “Famous” app which started last month, the called as the Stolen, the app was similar to a game that attracted controversy because of its ability to purchase people without consent.

Unfortunately Apple seems to take the issue with Famous App’s concept. Developers are not trying to figure what are those issues because people are not really doing that in the app. Chen also said that they are not working on a web version and they also consider their future partnership with Apple.

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