It cost Samsung $290 to manufacture a Galaxy S6 edge (which sells for $800)

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is no doubt one of the most exciting smartphones devices produced this year. If its not the curved 2.5D Quad HD glass that entices you, let it be the new exciting aluminum body design of the phone’s body. But with all that, how much does it really cost Samsung to make one unit the handset?

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge hero

A 64GB Samsung Galaxy S6 edge costs $290 in materials, this is the same device which costs $800 at the market. But before you scream felon, hear that the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus respectively cost $247 and $263 to produce, and these start at $650 and $750 for their unlocked models.

Nonetheless, do you ever wonder how much it cost Samsung to put a curved glass on the Galaxy S6 edge? Hear it now: $85. The Exynos chipset on the phone is estimated at $30 while the 3GB RAM and 64GB storage goes for $27 and $25 respectively.

Galaxy S6 edge teardown

Now, get your calculators. $800 minus $290 (market price minus production cost) arrive us at $510 — that’s a whopping amount of money to gain for a single device, however, before you set out to comment on how Samsung is ripping you off, remember that a good number of that ‘profit’ goes to R&D, advertising, transportation and taxes. Don’t forget that Samsung will also have to pay their employees.

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