Courts Details 13 Apple Cases Similar To FBI Investigation

Recent court file that was unsealed recently reveals that thirteen more cases related to thirteen separate Apple handsets are not subject for another court order to be ordered by FBI.

Courts Details 13 Apple Cases Similar To FBI Investigation


In the record it reveals that twelve devices are on the list that was supposed to be filed by Apple Company in immediate response to New York Court District request, while Department specifically mentions the additional Apple device in the request letter. The list of devices is incomplete and even includes recent cases related to its iPhone device, in which the company objected since last year.

The list does not include device that was under local law enforcement, and the Cy Vance the Manhattan District Attorney said that in his jurisdiction alone a total of 1765 cases related to different devices was on the list of security protected, meaning they cannot decrypt the information on it.

The released documents was from New York drug case not related to San Bernardino shooting, though fundamental legal issue of the incident is the same. In New York case, Apple was just asked to produce list of its iOS devices that are currently subject to a federal investigation, so in order for them to prove that issues were still worth litigating after initial defendant agreed to plea a bargain.

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