Date Related Glitch Revealed Making iOS Devices Unusable

Weeks ago we have found out an error from iOS identified as “Error 53”, this time as people go through after updates, new glitch has been found, a glitch related to time discovered for iOS 8 and iOS 9 that potentially again brick apple devices, making them non functional.

Date Related Glitch Revealed Making iOS Devices Unusable

We found a video published on YouTube about this glitch, wherein user go directly to the phone Date and Time then disable “set automatically” then manually set back the date to January 01, 1970. As what we see on the video that was recently published Thursday, this glitch requires jumping out the menu since the date was not set by the system that far.

So once the date has been set, after rebooting the device, you will then experience Apple logo, and directed to a restore options that will not work. In certain circumstances there are no other options but a replacement on a device if it is still under warranty, but we have found some reports that the device recovers several hours after but with slow performance. So this time users can now change back the time to the current date in order to recover.

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