Deal: Pick up an unlocked LG G5 unit for just $399.99


Even though it doesn’t have a lot of months on it yet, the LG G5 can be said to be fast approaching its own mid years due to the kind of upgrade that we see daily in this world of smartphone tech. For this reason, it has not escaped the idea of deals that retailers use to sell their stock of smartphones that have not been doing so well on the market and if you have been looking at getting one of these for yourself in the past and cash wouldn’t let you or you are just looking for a great smartphone for a smaller price, this could be for you.

For a new version of the smartphone that also comes unlocked, you could be a proud owner of one for as less as $399.99 through a deal on eBay. Considering that this smartphone was launched in March of last year for a price of $650, this modular design could do well to steal your attention and make you want to spend that money. On its own, the LG G5 does well with its 4GB of RAM and a QUALCOMM snapdragon 820 chipset, combined with 16MP camera on the back and a front 8MP shooter all aimed at keeping your snapshooting life great on the 5.3 inches of screen real estate.
The deal has it for you in colour variants of Silver, Gold or Titan, considering that they are already out of stock with the pink units.

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