Deal: Samsung Galaxy S7 gets 25% price rebate on eBay, sells for $422.99

We are currently thinking that eBay is the home for a lot of deals now and we might have to start visiting the platform more than before to get the best on smartphones these days. The newest member to feature on the deal boards is the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which we all know.

The Note 7 is no doubt the new bad boy when it comes to phones now but those that would love themselves a very compact device would still go for the classic and compact S7, and this is why this deal is for you.
For just $422.99, you can get yourself a brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 on eBay and this represents a big 25% cut on its normal asking price.

This is a unit that comes with 32GB of internal storage memory and you can pick from colours of either black or gold. For this module and deal, note that you won’t be getting headphones but we can let that pass for this kind of price.

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