A Device Design With New Unibody Asus Ecchellon X One

We already cover lots of Smartphone concepts here on our website, and most of it was designer’s own visions of every upcoming Smartphones in the mobile market.

A Device Design With New Unibody Asus Ecchellon X One

Sometimes on our topics, we see something new and that will be the case for today’s post. This time Ecchellon X One design from Asus has new kind device uni-body, the concept comes with imagined specs.

The handset was made comparable with high-end devices in the market with a design concept of “muscular aesthetic,” (that is the best I can describe with). It has all-metal build from bottom part at an angle. The device offers different variations with anti slip material built into, the SD and the SIM can be easily removed.

Speaking of speakers, they are positioned at bottom, and reverse side is the fingerprint scanner. The Ecchellon X One is powered by new generation processor by Intel at 5.5 inches LCD display. 4 gigabytes RAM and 128 gigabytes internal storage, and supplied by 3500 mAh non-removable battery.

So we are glad to hear what will be your opinions regarding Asus Ecchellon X, so type down your comments below and let us know what you have in mind.

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