Don’t want to be called a wall hugger? This iPhone charger got you covered

Samsung clearly fired some shots at Apple when it called iPhone users “wall huggers” and the hurt caused a scamper at the Apple camp that the American phone maker started looking for ways to take a sweet revenge.

Now, even as Apple is still looking for ways to curb it’s customers from “wall hugging”, an independent company has introduced a third-party iPhone charger that will reduce time iPhone users spend at the sockets.

NomadPlus is the product’s name and it’s not the first time something like this is being introduced though. NomadPlus is literally a power bank that can be used as an iPhone charger while the built-in battery — which can still be used to charge your iPhone afterwards — is also charging.

Bad news for Apple fanboys, the device can be used to charge other phones too as it packs a USB port. But then, half bread is better than none they say.

The NomadPlus will be out in November at the price of $39.

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