Enhanced Xiaomi Redmi 2A to go on sale in China today


Xiaomi already has a Xiaomi Redmi 2A in its impressive range of devices and this one does not only bring awesome specifications to the table but also, low price range. After a while of enjoying success on the Redmi 2A device, Xiaomi is looking to further enter the market with an enhanced version of this device (yet unnamed) which would offer double on some important specs in the same pricing neighborhood.

For a price around $80, the enhanced Redmi 2A would offer double of the RAM and ROM specs that it initially had. The device normally comes with about 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory which means that the enhanced version should offer a better mobile experience than its predecessor.

Remaining unchanged from the normal version, the enhanced Redmi 2A would feature a 4.7 inch of screen and 720p display, having an 8MP rear camera and 2MP snapshooter. With dual SIM functionality, the battery would 2200mAh of battery.

From calculations and announcement of release date, the phone should go on sale in China starting from today.

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