Entry Level Android Application Launched by Fintech Savings Service Qapital

Qapital launching its Android app today

After series of test runs and selective beta testing, the leading in company in capital management service Qapital together with its partner banks now launching its own versions of Android app dated today.

Qapital launching its Android app today

The said application was first available on iOS platforms, the recent service offers same type of functionality to Android clients which handles mobile phone around the globe

For most of its investors, boosters and supporters acclaimed on the behavioral economics on our global market, the company’s plan of launching its android system based service is for them to easily expand company’s (Qapital’s) vision of individual and personalized savings plan not limited to a certain place but around the globe as well.

Qapital applies its theorems from the most accurate behavioral science research integrated to financial management in the world.

Using Qapital’s app, users are given the option to assign a certain financial rewards in its daily goals, Example reducing the spending on restaurants or even in grocery stores, cutting down drinks or doing exercise.

“The integration of self rewarding method or incentive behaviors thru financial realm,” Ariely said. “Giving incentive to whatever positive behavior you have done.” He added.

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