“Error 53” Apple Error Spark Controversy

Whose device is it? This is one common question thrown to Apple after increasing number of Apple user  who reportedly encountering this huge dilemma making their device unusable due to “error 53” after letting them fix their device on third party individual.

Apple Error 53 sparks controvercy

After the update, thousands of apple users reportedly affected by the error message, this was according to a guardian report, which sparks talks on lawsuits against the known computer giants.

Apple mentioned in its official statement regarding this error that stems security feature on iOS9, that is related to Touch ID fingerprint scanner located in the Home button both iPhone 6 and 6S models. The said security reason is necessary in order to protect individual from unauthorized access and does if you are experiencing this kind of problem just contact apple support as soon as possible.

However some legal experts and consumer advocates have different view.

Most critics compare this Error 53 message as to car repairs. As people use third-party mechanic in order to fix their pre-loved vehicles. So what if automaker kills your car because some parts was changed and serviced by unauthorized individual?

Fewer believed that Apple just employing an aggressive tactic for an expensive device and consumers are not fully aware of buying smartphone.

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