Europe may not get the LG V20 at launch

For the European lovers of the LG brand that have been perfectly looking forward to when the V2 would launch in their region, there might be some bad news yet because a lot of things point to the fact that the device might not show up in the European market as at the time of launch.

While we have not heard any official confirmation as regards this, the information was leaked courtesy of a user on Reddit who claimed that they have gotten their own information from the Belgium arm of the South Korea based company.

It is worthy of note that when the predecessor of the V20 – the LG V10 – launched back in the October of last year, it only took a few months for it to show up in European markets and we are hoping that this news is just a rumour and this one also follows the same pattern as last years’ release. Sometimes this month, we are bound to see the fresh V20.

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