European units of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge getting Nov security patch

Hey people, in the case that you haven’t noticed yet, we have had the cause to turn our calendar pages in to another month and if anything, that means that the users of Android devices are due for another security update and patch again. Well, for the month of October, Samsung is really doing well by its recent flagships as they are pushing out this updates to the units of their devices everywhere.


In the United States already, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge that are being carried on the T-Mobile network have already gotten their own updates for this present month while others have been left hanging. Transversing continents now, the same update would be made available to those in Europe who have at hand the unlocked units of either devices.
For now, it is looking like the update is restricted to the country of Italy alone and we are of the opinion that they would spread out to other regions soon enough, given that these kinds of OTA rollouts are always planned in batches and stages to make sure its orderly and effectively delivered.
From the update, there are fixes for 14 vulnerabilities that Samsung has found in its devices and a further dozen more in the general Android operating system.

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