Everything About HTC’s Upcoming Phone Leaked


There are fresh rumors in the internet about HTC’s upcoming flagship smartphone this 2016, reportedly identified as One M10.


According our gathered details from VentureBeat from someone used M10. It will have some little key differences as compared to One M9. One main difference is that One M10 will be added a new feature identified as fingerprint sensor.

Rumors earlier this week suggesting M10 will have similarities with HTC’s sub-premium device the One A9 smartphone, the touch sensitive home “sensor” with fingerprint detection.

The “UltraPixel” camera technology is expected to be reused but updated with some tweaks. It first appeared in One M8 in 2014 but was not well received, as four UltraPixel camera was not sharp as other competing smartphones. HTC ditched its UltraPixel technology for One M9, but might reintroduce it in M10 with 12-UltraPixel camera.

Rumors claim that HTC will ditch two front facing speakers, that can deliver stereo sound, one of HTC’s flagship’s main features, as most phones have a downward facing speakers on bottom edge.

To end, it seems that One M10 could be similar to most other flagship smartphones. Based from rumors, it looks like One M10 has super sharp quad-HD (1440 x 2560) 5.1- inch display, which is not that exciting considering most flagship Android devices installed with sharp displays.

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