Ex Apple staff sent to jail for leaking company’s secrets

sent to jailDo you work with Apple and interested in leaking your employer’s secrete or do you plan on outing your’s company’s classified information regardless of who your company is? You might want to rethink that decision once more. The story of one time Apple supply manager Paul Shin Devine will open your eyes to the dangers you are facing in giving away or selling your company’s secret stuff.

Devine is poised to begin his one-year jail term shortly after he pleaded guilty of selling Apple’s secrets to suppliers. The manager was charged for wire fraud, conspiracy, and money laundering after he got arrested in 2010 on suspicion that he was selling confidential information to companies that hoped to become Apple suppliers, and to suppliers trying to negotiate better deals with the company.

Two staff of Jin Li Mould Manufacturing company were charged last year over their involvement in the scandal which Apple alleged they bribed Devine $387,600 between 2006 and 2009.

In addition to the one-year prison sentence (which had a maximum jail time of 20 years), Paul Shin Devine will pay Apple the sum of $4.5 million for damages.

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