FAA issues warning ban over the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units


Everywhere you turn, it’s just like there’s that one Samsung Galaxy Note 7 unit that is waiting to explode. More than three dozens of explosions have already been recorded all over the world and there are more to come if people don’t start going for that exchange and recall programme too and on this note, the FAA in America have finally gotten off the train of thinking and have made a decision as concerns the device – to ban it from their flights, even though not permanently.

The partial ban has stated that when you are on the aircraft and when it is in motion, you are not allowed to put the smartphone in your baggage carrier and yu sure as well are not allowed to turn it on also. This leaves the only place possible enough for you to be your pocket and from there, you and everyone on the flight should be safe given that it can’t cause explosions that way.

While this is more of a warning than it is a ban, there are reports that if the issue is not fixed soon and even more explosions occur, they would be forced to go the way of bans.

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