FAA mulling over the banning of Galaxy Note 7 units from flights

The safety of people is one of the most important things that is considered by any company and when it comes to transport businesses such as those that run airlines, it is more than paramount that they always ensure the safety if their passengers and their wares at all times.

With the current rate at which the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going kaboom, it is an understandable position that the FAA is making some considerations about banning the device from fights, due to its proneness to explosions and the fact that there could be any mishap due to this in the air.

They have even stated that in the incident of a recall, which is starting to take place now, it would be hard for them to allow the recalled smartphones or their batteries on any airline flight or even in the baggage compartment of their aircraft.

According to the FAA however, a final stand is yet to be taken and they have not decided on whether special screening would be put in place for this smartphone.

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