Facebook Causing Serious Problem Both iPhone and Android Platforms

In this generation, we cannot deny that social media sites are dominating market, as the song say from Shirly Bassey “it is just history repeating itself”. As Facebook dominating digital community, mobile developers are finding way to reach this market at their cost.

Facebook Causing Serious Problem Both iPhone and Android Platforms

Recently, English Heavyweight together with Guardian conducted studies related about it and discovered that Facebook  along with its  popular partner the Messenger application seriously affecting both device battery life and its overall performance specifically on iOS smartphone and Android OS , not just that it even affect in tablets.

So therefore once both app Facebook and messenger app installed on device, the overall performance of the device will be reduced by twenty percent and fifth teen percent respectively and even worst it could lead to severe device performance.

The said study was somewhat similar to a content that we manage to read on Reddit around January of 2016 that have catch the attention of online readers and even developers and it even become trending for a week.

So to make it clear, we personally tested it on our devices. Both platforms and we found out that all the statements are true, the app intensively causing trouble to the device.

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