Facebook Has Launched Canvas Ads Worldwide To Increase Mobile Creativity

Just recently, Facebook launched Canvas ads enabled worldwide. This feature allows advertisers to successfully take over user’s mobile handset’s screen with a creative advertisement that loads instantaneously every time a user taps on its news feed.

Facebook Has Launched Canvas Ads Worldwide To Increase Mobile Creativity

The new feature seems awesome for online marketers, so let’s continue. The advertisement format supports mix features including videos, product descriptions, slideshows, and scrollable interface yet interactive, that creates mini website specially designed for a specific product.

Well the Canvas was created in collaboration with creative community in order to offer richer advertisement space with removed constraints and ad formats by enabling variables with, example the swipe through lead. So these new features promise more interactive user experience, and possibly with engaging advertisements.

Facebook stated that they are developing for better experience of its users, and this was their top priority, so with fast ad loading alone has a big impact, since normally almost more than 50 percent of interactive mobile sites needs minimum of five seconds for it to load. So this new feature expected to load advertisement in just one second.

So on the next update it is expected that mobile users will experience this new Facebook Canvas.

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