Facebook Launches Its Newest Android Product For Marketers

In New York event, Facebook recently launched its brand new product suited for online marketers; this is called interactive mobile ads Canvas, this feature was initially announced last September 2015.

Facebook Launches Its Newest Android Product For Marketers

This Canvas feature from Facebook is an advancement based from Carousel ads in the past, in which it allows users to swipe to multiple brand photos if they decide to go deeper with the product details.

The Canvas offers a full screen version of ads complete mini websites that is designed for a specific product, includes slideshows, videos, descriptions that are scrollable.

The ads designed to be accessible to end user. It looks virtually the same as to what regular ads on our News Feed, but after clicking the full experience loads very quickly. You can then return to your last News Feed by just clicking ‘X’ located on the left corner.

During the testing period conducted by Facebook, it say that users responded positively on the ad feature, average user spend around 31 seconds per ad, and 70 seconds for best ones, sounds like lot for every advertisement. Overall a total of 53 percent users view advertisement more than half of the featured canvas.

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