Facebook Pay? Leaked images show social network has a payment system in tow

Payment and banking technology seems to be heading to a new direction really fast. First was Apple Pay, a platform that enables users clear bills with the swipe of their iPhones, and now this.

Facebook messenger pay (2) Facebook messenger pay (3) Facebook messenger pay
According to an insider who happens to also be a nerd at the computer science department of the great Stanford University, you’ll soon be able to send money to your pals on Facebook. You heard that right, friend — very soon, users can actually send amounts of digital money to their Facebook  friends via the comfort of their mobile phones.

Though systems that provide this kind of service already exist (we have PayPal, for example), Facebook will likely bring this thing closer, and ‘friendlier’ to us as we users already know Facebook as a social website we trust with our info so there shouldn’t be any hard feelings when this finally surface.

Facebook will also use this point to make itself (and it’s much promoted Messenger app) more important and if possible, indisputable to the world.

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