Facebook And Twitter Backs Apple’s Security Encryption Debate

Google’s Chief Officer Sundar Pichai posted his lukewarm tweet storm that back’s Tim Cook’s Apple Chief Officer’s open letter to its government’s desire for the company create backdoor into its iPhones in situations like terrorist attacks.

Facebook And Twitter Backs Apple’s Security Encryption Debate

Though the CEO’s response was couched, Facebook and Twitter took its hard line alongside with Cupertino in opposing government’s mandate.

Both Chief Officers condemn terrorism and total solidarity with its victims of terror. But those who plan terrorist acts have no place with us. We appreciate the law enforcement to keep its people safe. As we receive the lawful requests from authorities we obviously comply.

However, we will fight aggressively towards requirements for companies to weaken security of their systems. These government demands clearly lead to a chilling precedent and may obstruct companies’ goal to its products.

In similarity to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also stated that though these actions shows support, they also considered that creating hardware backdoor are difficult challenge for the company and may result with high risk in security.

Both statements are clear the both CEO’s are to stand with Apple’s security fight, its hardware focused companies will have most important sway in encryption of smartphones and some other platforms.

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