Faster, Stronger And Better Samsung Galaxy S7

As revealed by the company, the curvier and slightly larger S7 Edge and S7 from Samsung were not just the traditional device that we have, build with old design, old screen that is flat and the  obvious reasonable smartphone size.

Faster, Stronger And Better Samsung Galaxy S7

In sense, Galaxy S7 line series falls under the “S” Samsung device generation, improvements brings don’t seem to alter its original design and description of the handsets, but amazingly polished with perfect the foundation laid by the old version.

Though it is obvious that the latest flagship was good enough in the market to catch attention on buyers, it has still lack of killing features like Apple’s iPhone 6S 3D interface, so this made S7 to create develop a solid improvement to catch up the market.

So they somehow bring new camera, faster performance and the refined exterior, innovations that people can’t get off.

But thinking toward the second version of S7‘s launch in United States this March 11 would bring much impact, well we cannot tell. The mobile competition is closing every side, Apple’s iPhone still on the top though it’s young but has a strong selling reputation in the mobile market.

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