Fight For The Best Yet Affordable Phone In Asia

Lemon 3 from Lenovo goes official to its rival Xiaomis to the phone market.

It is now official, the fight for the best phone in Asia has started, the fight for not just the best but affordable phones for those who want to acquire high end devices.


China has become the world’s largest phone market in years, this time the competition is now going more intense. Especially when it comes to inexpensive phones.

Chinese has the largest population in the world and yo might find it as well that there are many brands competing in the market. Imagine a brand that can dominate in a country with Billions of people living?

The rivalry of these two phone companies was not a surprise as just days after when Xiaomi ( claimed to be the second highest value after uber) unveiled Redmi 3, Lenovo then announced its rival phone at similar price offered in the market, the Lenovo Lemon 3.

Take note that what we are talking here are about phone devices that are sold officially in China and some other regions in Asia, but to make sure not in United States or even in Europe. Yet, it is still interesting how a cheap device push of what’s an affordable phone should be.

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